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Working for our Climate

The earth is our business and we are committed to minimizing our impact and reducing our carbon footprint, to protect the climate now and for generations to come. The aviation Industry is responsible for approximately 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, so we work with our customers to help reduce the climate impact of their travel.

China Airlines is committed to improving our flight efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, continuously promoting the introduction of environmentally friendly and energy-saving aircraft, improving the efficiency of flight operations and ground facilities, using sustainable alternative fuels, enhancing aircraft maintenance and weight reduction.

Now we invite you to participate in our carbon offsetting program – ECO TRAVEL.

Delivered in partnership with climate and sustainability experts ClimateCare, ECO TRAVEL allows you to measure the emissions generated by your flight and offset them through ClimateCare projects which cut carbon and improve lives.

Simply click the link to the calculator and follow the instructions to offset your flight’s carbon footprint. 

To know more about China Airlines environment management performance, please refer to China Airlines CSR website

Carbon Offsetting

When you enjoy services or engage in activities, there When you enjoy services or engage in activities that use energy directly or indirectly, this creates a carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting is an internationally recognized process to help reduce greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions. By purchasing independently verified carbon credits to offset your own carbon footprint, you will take responsibility for your carbon footprint and help tackle climate change.

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Source of Carbon Offsetting

The carbon credits for the offsetting comes from the carbon reduction project.

Emission reductions are measured and verified by a third party, and carbon credits are produced. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon not released into the atmosphere. Purchasing carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint provides a vital source of funding for these projects.

Once the carbon credit is purchased and cancelled, it will be removed from the original registered account and cannot be purchased or sold repeatedly.

We’ve partnered with award winning climate and sustainable development specialists, ClimateCare, to ensure that the carbon credits we provide customers through ECO TRAVEL meet environmental, sustainability and carbon reduction criteria specified by the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. After the carbon offsetting process is completed, ClimateCare will also provide customers with relevant certificates to confirm the offset.

Each of the projects you support by offsetting your emissions not only cuts carbon, but contribute to the UN's sustainable development goals. For more information about the projects you are supporting, please refer to ClimateCare’s website here.